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Restorative Care

Restorative Dental Care In Cheyenne, WY

Your dental health is a main contributor in the esthetics of your smile. Dr. Al Tripam and his team at Denteffex provide an array of restorative services to address dental concerns and help families reach optimal oral health. Call our practice in Cheyenne and schedule a consultation to discover your options for improving smile.

Quality Dental Care in Laramie County

Dental health and beauty often go hand in hand. Dr. Tripam conducts comprehensive treatment with an inclination towards the cosmetic appeal of the smile. His experience in dentistry and with his meticulous attention to detail ensures patients receive the necessary care to restore and enhance their natural beauty.

Our practice treats an assortment of issues, including decay, damage, missing teeth, discoloration, impacted teeth, and gum disease. Services provided at Denteffex include:

Crowns protect damaged or treated teeth from receiving further trauma or decay while restoring the structure of the tooth.

Bridges replace one or more teeth with prosthetic teeth reliant on crowns as anchors.

Full and Partial Dentures replace many missing teeth, up to the entire smile, using a prosthetic set that rests above gums or around existing healthy teeth.

Dental Implants completely replace missing teeth, from the root to the crown. Dr. Tripam can provide the restorations dental implants after implant posts have been placed by a dental surgeon.

Root Canal Therapy is necessary to eliminate infection that has reached the dental pulp and restore the structure of the tooth. 

Extractions, including wisdom teeth extractions, may be required if a tooth erupts impacted or if it suffers from severe decay. This procedure may also be necessary to generate more room in the mouth for still-developing permanent teeth.

Periodontal Maintenance can be an essential part of maintaining dental health when gingivitis starts turning into periodontitis. Also known as deep cleaning, this procedure cleans below the gum line to allow the body’s natural healing process to take place, reversing the effects of gum disease.

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Maintaining optimal dental health ensures a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Call or visit our office in Cheyenne and schedule a consultation with Dr. Tripam to explore your treatment options.

The restorative dental services we provide extend to South Greeley, Eltvan, Ranchet, and cities across Laramie County.

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